The luxury market was evolving, threatening to leave Maison Birks in the shadows. We revamped the brand and retail environment to create an experience that would speak to the next generation of luxury consumers: millennials.

For decades, Maison Birks had relied on its Canadian heritage and existing clients to deliver success. But its future was in the hands of a growing market of millenials, whose attitudes and behaviours were re-defining the luxury experience.

Since the brand is well know and easily recognised, they only wished to modernise it. Maison Birks also wished to make the pristine Canadian nature (inspiration behind all their collections) their main distinctive brand asset. Our challenge was to find the right balance between fashion and nature, without making it too “National Geographic”.

Create an experience that would amplify the relationship between the brand and nature so that every interaction the consumer has with Maison Birks is intense to the point of being transformative – an alchemic connection between the consumer and the brand.

A kaleidoscope effect has been created to translate the magical universe created in the collision between nature’s elements and human encounters. In addition, the kaleidoscope gives a fresh take to an iconic piece of the brand’s story and becomes the platform out of which grows the brand’s contemporary expression.

The store entrance echoes the modern logo re-design and the brand’s new visual identity, successfully stopping curious millennials in their tracks. The efforts received international recognition from The Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail, and more.

Agencies—Sid Lee, Sid Lee Architecture
Graphic Design—Sarah Déry, Marie-Josée Martineau
Interior Design—Sabine Rondeau

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